What do we mean by Inspiration?

‘Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father who is in Heaven.’ Matthew 5:16

What do we mean by Inspiration?

We want all our pupils to love coming to school. At this young age, their attitudes and self-confidence is absolutely key to their future success. The teachers at Farncombe School spend a great deal of time and energy helping our pupils to feel excited and enthusiastic about school events and their learning. We want them all to think of school as a place where they can flourish.

P1110064Our curriculum is driven by our vision which includes Inspiration, Imagination, Individuality. For our ‘Inspiration’ strand, we use special events and ‘hooks’ to plan units of work. We look to inspiring figures from the past and present, reading about Malala, Greta, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King to see how we may help others and advocate for change.

Our PTA are extremely active and supportive of our school. Each half term they fund a special event linked to our units. This means that our curriculum can be far more innovative and exciting than a standard school budget would usually allow for. In recent months we have taken our children on several outings to mP1070138useums, farms  and landmarks as well as inviting professional dancers and theatre groups into school to provide inspiration for children.

All subjects of our curriculum are built on this foundation of Inspiration, with as much us as possible of our generous and attractive outdoor space and motivating lessons planned each week based on challenges and thought-provoking questions. We also cook on a regular basis as food is very motivating!

Link to Vision and Values: Hope, Endurance, Trust. Love God.