Our Strong Safeguarding Culture

At Farncombe C of E Infant School, safeguarding is of paramount importance, to protect the welfare and wellbeing of every child in school. We listen to our pupils and take seriously what they tell us.

Staff know that no concern is too small to be recorded.

We recognise that for children, supportive friends, a safe environment, high self esteem and clear lines of communication with trusted adults helps prevent the chances of them being abused.

However, we also recognise that ‘it could happen here’ and are ready to deal with any safeguarding issues that arise.

This is how we provide our strong safeguarding culture:

Leadership and Governance

DSLs (Designated Safeguarding Leads) have attended relevant training (refreshers in July and September 2022)

All governors receive safeguarding training annually, with additional updates on a regular basis.

DSLs receive weekly safeguarding updates from Andrew Hall.

DSLs meet weekly to assess the dashboard of open concerns and decide upon actions to be taken.

Governors receive a termly report from the headteacher on safeguarding.

An external safeguarding audit took place in January 2022.

Half Termly safeguarding meetings include monitoring of records (My Concern, SCR, First Aid)

Culture of openness and support

Clear lines of accountability

All governor visits (there are at least two each half term) include a safeguarding focus


Children have been taught to tell a member of staff if a visitor does not have a lanyard.

Assemblies are used to deliver key messages on staying safe.

Circle times and PSHE lessons are also used to teach children how to stay safe.

Annual questionnaire for pupils contain safeguarding sections and any issues raised are quickly acted upon.

Posters around school remind children that they can talk to the DSL or other staff if they are worried.

Class worry boxes are used well and help to pre-empt any developing issues.

An annual ‘back to class’ drill ensures children are ready to deal with any on-site safety issue.

Training and Systems

Annual safeguarding training for all staff is delivered every September.

Additional training is delivered throughout the year on sections of KCSIE.

Safeguarding training is part of the induction process for new staff.

My Concern training is provided as part of the induction process for new staff.

Staff know how to identify children who are at risk of harm.

Safeguarding is embedded through the curriculum through risk assessments for all events and areas.

Staff have read, signed, understood and agreed to abide by relevant documents and policies.

DBS checks are in place for all staff and regular volunteers.

There are safeguarding checks on lettings.

There is a safeguarding training log with dates for all staff.

Staff, visitors and volunteers sign in and out.

There are clear systems in place if a child is absent.

All staff, volunteers and visitors are encouraged to speak out if they see or hear anything concerning.

Our Whistleblowing policy explains the details of this: