‘He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them in His way.’ Pslams 25:9

As a church school, the experiences children have here are not only designed to further their academic learning but also their social, cultural, moral and spiritual development. We want all the children here to move onto junior school and beyond possessing key attitudes and values to make a positive contribution to the UK and the world around them.

Our PSHE curriculum focuses on six themes each year. These link into daily assemblies and guidance on behaviour. To emphasise the principles being promoted, these six themes are taught under the umbrellas of Christian values. Our focus values each year are Endurance, Thankfulness, Compassion, Trust, Hope and Friendship. Optional reading with biblical quotes is emailed to parents each half term when a new value is introduced. In 2021 we re-evaluated our approach to these values, increasing  the ways in which they are promoted and explored in school.

British values are fully upheld and taught through our ‘UK’ topic in Geography as well as assemblies, circle times and special events. Young children naturally have a well developed sense of fairness and this is capitalised on and nurtured into democracy and rule of law for all. For example, on a half termly basis children are given a chance to vote for their choice of class treat. Individual liberty and tolerance are built into the prime areas of the YR curriculum and link clearly to our mission statement and school rules.