Relationships and Sex Education

475 best Bible Verses images on Pinterest | Biblical ...As a church school we are guided by Guildford diocese in the content and approach of these Age appropriate guidance on issues such as friendship, equality, consent and respect is taught in each class using a scheme of work produced by Jigsaw . Parents were consulted on these changes in 2020 and 2021.

The following content is taught in Year 1 and 2, using planning and resources from Jigsaw:

September and October: Families and people who care for me 

We will consider different kinds of families and how we look after each other. This will include an element of wellbeing as we consider who we can talk to when upset.

November and December: Caring Relationships   

This will link in with our focus value of Friendship at this time of year. We will examine consent in the light of choosing which playground games to play and consider how we can be friends with someone while having different opinions.

January and February: Respectful Relationships

This will link in to our work on behaviour, rules and responsibilities.

March: Online Relationships 

We already teach e-safety on a half termly basis and this will support our current work. We will continue to explore what information to share online and how the online world collides with reality.

April and May: Being Safe

Safeguarding is golden thread for us in Farncombe, running through all our practice. We will continue to consider how following our school rules keeps everyone safe. The NSPCC will lead an assembly to reinforce the PANTS rule on privacy.

June and July: Healthy Lifestyles 

As we head into Summer we always hold our sports afternoon and annual scooterthon for charity at this time of year. We will continue with our current PSHE programme on healthy lifestyles, including general wellbeing, mental and physical care.

The following information provides further information on how we teach RSE:

RSE Guide for Parents and Carers

Link to Vision and Values: Friendship, Trust, Compassion. Love Your Neighbour. Love Yourself.