We aim to help children to develop an enthusiasm and interest in Mathematics. Maths is taught in an innovative way, with an  emphasis  on understanding operations and why strategies work. Children are given a range of practical experiences and problems through which they develop their understanding of number, mathematical language and logical thought. We give high priority to developing children’s mental agility, and ask them to learn some number facts such as times tables and pairs which total 10 ‘by heart’. These blocks of knowledge are then built upon through investigations and games whereby children are challenged to demonstrate their knowledge in variety of ways, ensuring that they have understood facts and strategies. A scheme called ‘Rising Stars’ is used to ensure expectations are high and assessment rigorous.

In Year 1 and 2 regular Maths homework is set. This provides parents with an insight into the way maths is taught now, and provides children with an opportunity to either consolidate learning or extend their understanding and progress further.

A Maths Workshop for parents takes place each October to provide Year 1 parents with more information about supporting Maths at home.

The following booklets may be helpful as they demonstrate the way Maths is currently taught in schools: