At Farncombe School children are taught to write in a cursive (joined) style. The expectation is for all pupils to begin joining their letters at the beginning of Year 2. By developing a fluent and automatic handwriting style, children can then devote their focus to the actual content of their writing. Cursive writing is associated with improved spelling, as the physical joins help children to recall clusters of letters.

Through Year 1, children are taught to start every lower case letter on the line with a lead in and to end with a lead out. We expect all children to begin Year 1 with letters printed correctly, as this is taught in Reception.

School staff have worked hard to create a very consistent language for handwriting. Please use the exact words from the attachment below when writing at home with your child. Demonstrations are given each September, so that current parents are clear on how to support writing at home.

Optional handwriting sheets:

b d f g j l n o q u z