Whole School Topics and ‘Wow Factors’

‘I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness.’ John 10:10

Whole School Topics 

We plan our curriculum very carefully, ensuring that a particular skill or piece of knowledge is taught across the full year group or even the whole school. The main way in which we achieve this is through our Whole School Topics. These are based on either History or Geography, with each topic lasting one half term (6-7 weeks). During their three years with us, children will study 18 topics, 6 each year.

Wow Factors 

Each topic has an attached ‘wow factor’ to inspire children and excite and enthuse learning. Our very active Friends Association fund these ‘wow factors’, providing wonderful opportunities for all our pupils. The following is a list of current topics and wow factors. Photographs and details of our topics and wow factors are available on our instagram feed: @farncombe_infants


My Family: Grandparents’ Tea Parties

Playgrounds and Forests: Trips to Alice Holt Forest

China: Chinese Ribbon Dance Workshops

The UK: Trips to Wisley RHS

Edwardians: Edwardian Day (hosted by OpenBox Theatre Group)

Transport: Local Transport Extravaganza