Special Events

‘I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness.’ John 10:10

We plan our curriculum very carefully, ensuring that a particular skill or piece of knowledge is taught in the right way at the right time in each year group. In general this means that for most lessons, children in different year groups will be taught about different eras and parts of the world. However, on occasion, it is appropriate for all children to learn about the same theme. This is the case in Summer 2022, with all pupils studying Edwardians and The Queen, as part of the golden jubilee celebrations.

Each topic has an attached special event or ‘hook’ to inspire children and excite and enthuse learning. Our very active Friends Association fund these ‘wow factors’, providing wonderful opportunities for all our pupils. Most recently all pupils visited Wisley RHS gardens, linked to our Science Curriculum. In May 2022, Open Box Theatre pretended to take us back in time to 1905 to launch our Edwardians unit.

Link to Vision and Values: Hope, Endurance, Thankfulness. Love Yourself.