Our Curriculum


At Farncombe we have fully embraced the autonomy given to schools to create their own local curricular. Our teachers cover the full national curriculum and then provide rich and vibrant opportunities for children to enjoy drama, dance, swimming, cooking and many more experiences. In addition to these features of our school week, we regularly invite visitors to school to further enhance learning and offer several optional clubs such as Football, Drama, Church and Pilates at lunchtime or after school. These three strands which form our school curriculum mean that children attain high standards in the core subjects and also benefit from broad and varied approaches to learning and developing new skills.

Curriculum Map 2019_2020

Curriculum Map 2018-2019

Teachers distribute curriculum newsletters at the start of each term to provide more information on the aims and content of each subject. Parents are invited to a seminar on Reading in Reception and a Maths Workshop in Year 1. These events provide more information on our school curriculum and how parents can help at home.