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Statutory Policies 

Accessibility Policy 2022-23

Admissions Policy – Sept 2022


Behaviour PolicyComplaints Procedure – Nov 2022dealing with allegations of abuse against teachers and other staff

Behaviour Principles Statement – Sept 2022

Charging Policy – Sept 2022

Children with Health Needs who cannot attend School Policy – Sept 2022

Data Protection Policy – Sept 2022

ECT Policy – Sept 2022

Equality Information and Objectives Statement – Sept 2022

Exclusion & Suspension policy – Sept 2022

EYFS policy

First aid policy – Sept 2022

Freedom of Information Policy – Sept 2022

Governor allowances policy – Sept 2022

Health Safety & Welfare Policy – Sept 2022

Pay Policy – Sept 2022

RSE Policy – Sept 2022

Safeguarding Policy and Child Protection Policy 2022-2023

SEND Policy updated Dec 22

Staff Discipline, Conduct and Grievance Policy – Sept 2022

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy – Sept 2022

Additional Policies 

We have a large collection of policies to ensure consistency and high standards in all aspects of school life. A selection are available here:

Collective worship policy

Marking Policy

Others are available on request from the school office. All policies are updated on a regular basis by staff and governors.

Biometric Information

We do not collect biometric information on pupils, parents, staff, volunteers, governors or anyone involved in Farncombe School. Our Data Protection Policy (above) details how we manage personal information abiding by GDPR regulations. The following information is from the Department for Education:

What is Biometric Data?
Biometric data means personal information resulting from specific technical processing
relating to the individual’s physical, psychological or behavioural characteristics which
allow or confirm the unique identification of that person, such as facial images, voice
recognition or fingerprints.
What is an Automated Biometric Recognition System?
An automated biometric recognition system uses technology to measure an individual’s
physical or behavioural characteristics by using equipment that operates ‘automatically’
(i.e. electronically). Biometric systems usually store measurements taken from a person’s
physical/behavioural characteristics and not images of the characteristics themselves.