Learning at Home Gallery Year 1

‘Anyone can find dirt in someone. Be the one who finds the gold.’ Proverbs 11:27

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Callum: Practical Capacity Investigation

Callum: An amazing sundial

Emelia: Place value

Grace: Year 1 Writing

Callum: Year 1 Writing

Theo: Writing

Henry: Year 1 Drawing

Sasha: Writing and Maths

Chloe: Does it float or sink?

George: Year 1 Writing

Isabel: Well-being Drawing

Autumn: Well-being Drawing


Chloe: Alphabet

Sean: Writing

Sean: 3D Shapes

Sean: Habitat

George: Writing

Max: Maths

Callum: Petal People

Sasha: Easter Garden

Carrie: Outdoor Challenge

Sean: Year 1 Fractions

Sam: Year 1 Fractions

Eli: Stick Man

Henry: Writing

Henry: Outdoors Activity

Jack: Maths

Max: 3D Shapes

Jack: Outdoor Challenge

Sasha: Year 1 Outdoor Challenge

Callum: Year 1 Outdoor Activity

Chloe: Year 1 Outdoor Activity

Chloe: Year 1 Drawing