Weekly Specials

This is where you will find learning tasks and activities designed by our subject leaders. These are for the more relaxed and creative part of the week, maybe later in the day when energy levels are dipping. You may wish to save some for weekend family time. Take as long as you like over these.

The following are for Week 9 and over May half term:

Science Special 18th – 30th May

Frog Life Cycle PowerPoint

Art 18th – 30th May



MUSIC 18th – 30th May


The following are for Weeks 7 and 8 (4th – 15th May):

MUSIC Weeks 7 and 8

Art Lessons kandinsky

Apple template

Science Special Weeks 7 and 8

Human Life Cycle POWERPOINT

Chicky House link


The following are for the weeks beginning 20th and 27th April:

MUSIC 20TH APRIL copy (1)

Science Special Summer Term Wk 1

Art Lessons

Habitat planning for all year groups

music lesson 30.3.20

Science wc 30 march