Learning at Home Gallery YR

‘Anyone can find dirt in someone. Be the one who finds the gold.’ Proverbs 11:27

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Harry: It needs to be aerodynamic…

Florence: Up, up and away!

Sophie: Finding Half of Numbers

Warwick: Dog Words…

Joey: Super Writing

Freya: Lovely Formation

Florence: Clearly pleased with her habitat!

Arthur: Baking is a sweet way to learn about measuring…

Sophie: Measuring in Maths

Frank: Story Planning

Max: You’ve got to climb a beanstalk before you can write about one!

Evie’s left a warning!

Eliana: Inspired by Joan Miro

Henry: Planting

George: YR Writing

Arthur: Maths

Jack: Jack and the Beanstalk

Lucia: Swedish Maths!

Freya: Writing Game

Sophie: YR Maths

Emily: YR Writing

Evie: YR Maths

Warwick: Habitat

Warwick: Doubling

Rosie: Habitat

Alfie: YR Sentences

Joey: Reception Writing

Freya: Counting

Jacob: Reception Writing


Rosie: Colour Bar Chart

Jessica: Reception Maths

Rosie: Reception Maths

Reuben: YR Science

Jack: Reception Writing

Warwick: Easter Hunt Clues

Sycamore Potato Plant: Planted by pupils before the lockdown!

Evie: YR Maths Challenge

Alfie: Reception Art

Joshua: Reception Writing

Sophie: Reception Art

Florence: Reception Writing

Rhys: Reception Maths

Nina: Reception Maths

Lucia: Reception Maths

Evander: Reception Maths

George: Reception Maths

Bertie: Reception Maths

Harry: Lego Challenges

Street Stroll!

Frank: Reception Word Detectives

Arthur’s Art


Jonathon: Reception Writing