Rainbow Day June 2020

‘Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds I will see it and remember the everlasting promise between God and all living creatures on Earth.’ Genesis 9:16

As the coronavirus threat begins to pass, we wanted to give thanks for our own good health and safe return to school. We also wanted to show our support for those who had been bereaved during the pandemic.

Rainbows have been a sign of hope and faith since the days of Noah. Children dressed up in rainbow colours and stood on our stage blocks to sing songs about hope. We raised money for The Good Grief Trust who are supporting those families who have lost someone to COVID-19.

90% Reception and Year 1 are in school now. Most Year 2s are at home, but are returning next week. Dressing up and donating to charity have been important ways for them to remember our school culture and values. They are pictured below at home: