COVID-19 Information and Updates

‘God will carry you through the storm.’ Isaiah 43:2

The information below relates to our partial opening during Summer 2020. We are now fully open for all pupils and updates regarding covid-19 can be found on our newsletters page.


We are guided by advice from Public Health England and central government (via the DfE). As a Church School in Surrey we also receive an additional layer of advice and information from Surrey County Council and Guildford Diocese. Being a member of the Godalming Learning Partnership (GLP) gives us extra support locally with some decisions and resources.

Having said that, the purpose of joining the GLP, rather than becoming an academy, was to retain our autonomy, which we demonstrate through our high standards, distinctive vision and mission statement. This can be seen clearly in the planning designed for your child in this section of our school website. Interestingly, there have been several reports of families from other schools (in Godalming but also across the country and even in other European localities!) accessing our planning for their children due to its quality and clarity. Many thanks to our wonderful teachers and support staff at Farncombe, it is great to help families beyond our own community.

Please do continue to visit your child’s year group page each weekday morning for their four daily tasks as set by their teacher. In addition to this, the daily workout from Joe Wickes and the daily challenge from Lego may be useful. These are optional activities, for those families who have sufficient time. There is also a song of the day from Out of the Ark – the company we use most in school. Feel free to sing this with your child, as it will help continue the feeling of connection with school. There are also ‘weekly specials’ from our subject leaders in Art, PSHE, Music and Science.

Coronavirus Practical Advice Directory

The document above is a list of local organisations who may be able to assist your family during this crisis. Thank you to Teaching Assistant Liz Barnett for compiling this.


Our school youtube channel is here: containing three assemblies a week as well as optional messages for parents.


The documents below are the emails sent to parents regarding provision during COVID-19.

Farncombe Re-opening Checklist for June 1st

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Farncombe for June 1st

Farncombe Plans for Phased Return

Additional Email to Parents Friday 15th May

Email to Parents Tuesday 12th May

Email to Parents Friday 1st May

Email to Parents Tuesday 28th April

Email to Parents Friday 24th April

Email to Parents Tuesday 21st April

COVID-19 Friday 27th March

Email to Parents Tuesday 24th March

Email to Parents Monday 23rd March

Email to Parents Friday 20th March

Email to Parents Thursday 19th March

Email to Parents Wednesday 18th March

Email to Parents Tuesday 17th March

Email to Parents Monday 16th March