What do we mean by Individuality?

P1060914What do we mean by Individuality?

As a church school we take a Christian, rather than a secular view on Individuality. We don’t consider it to be about putting oneself first, but about using individual talents and skills to the best effect and to serve others.

Our teachers work closely with every girl and boy in school, treating them as unique children. We have several effective systems and routine which enable us to tailor our teaching to each child’s strengths and needs. This includes our innovative system of classes which are organised as follows:

Sycamore: Approximately 20-23 Spring and Summer born Reception children

Beech: Approximately 27-30 Autumn born Reception

Willow: Year 1 moving up from Sycamore (usually 22)

Oak: Year 1 moving up from Beech (usually 28)P1110329

Lime: Year 2 moving up from Willow (usually 22)

Apple: Year 2 moving up from Oak (usually 28)


Smaller classes for our younger pupils provide a nurturing and calm beginning to their schooling. In Year 1 and Year 2 some lessons are taught in groups across the year, allowing for children to work alongside those in other classes. Thanks in part to our arrangement of classes, and partly due to our strong and caring team of teachers, our pupils achieve well above the national average in all areas when they leave in Year 2.

‘There’s a strong academic focus and tailored learning to small groups of children of similar ability so that they can progress at a pace that’s right for them. I’m delighted with my daughter’s progress.’ from a parent questionnaire, May 2019