Parents Say…

What do parents say about our school?

‘We are delighted with our son’s progress this year and really appreciate all the hard work and support he has received from his teachers and teaching assistants. He is very happy at school and has enjoyed learning far more than we expected!’ Parent at the end of Year 1, July 2018

‘We are really proud of the progress our son has made. His first year of school has exceeded all expectations. It is clear that he always has fun and learns lots. We have all enjoyed watching him progress over the year, seeing his love of reading develop. He could not have done this without your dedication and we really appreciate all the hard work and attention given by all his teachers.’ Parent at the end of Reception, July 2018

‘The thing that has encouraged me the most is how well you know my daughter and truly the school’s Inspiration, Imagination and Individuality motto  has been wonderfully outworked. It is an incredible joy to see how much my daughter has enjoyed learning to read and to write, as well as developing her concentration skills. The class assembly was a delightful way for us as parents to learn more about what the children have been learning. We cannot rave enough about the wonderful teachers, support staff and everyone at Farncombe Infants.’                                         Parent at the end of Reception Year, July 2017

‘I’ve had the most amazing conversations with the children this week regarding some of the topics they have been covering and I feel I have to share with you and the staff. We were amazed by the knowledgeable facts my daughter was able to impart about metamorphosis after her science lesson with Mrs Parrish on Monday. Today, this was followed up by my YR son telling me that ‘Sycamore are doing a topic about compassion’ and when I asked him what this was he went on to explain how it was all about being kind. My daughter followed this up to say that compassion was actually their value and that Edwardians was their topic, upon which they both relayed to me numerous facts about how many King Edwards there have been and how long Edward VII reigned for. As you are probably aware, it can be quite rare for gain voluntary insight from children into what they have been learning in school, so you can imagine what a treat it was to get the hat trick of 3 things in 1 week. A real credit to the teachers who have clearly inspired the children on these subject matters.  Parent of YR and Y2, July 2016