Curriculum Ages 5 -7


In Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2) children are provided with both investigations and opportunities to explore their learning, and structured teaching tasks which embed essential facts and knowledge. Some lessons will contain whole class teaching with our teachers demonstrating new skills or knowledge. Other lessons are based on group, pair or individual challenges with children working through a problem or towards a specific goal.

All of our classes have Interactive Whiteboards which allow teachers to demonstrate knowledge in very visual and motivating ways. These whiteboards can display websites and powerpoint presentations. Youtube is often used (in a safe and controlled way) to demonstrate new skills or concepts.

Our classes all have teaching assistants who support children needing a little extra help to access the curriculum. They are also used to stretch our more able children to reach their potential. Our lessons are structured around success criteria, with teachers explaining what all children ‘must’ achieve in a lesson, what they ‘should’ move onto and, if they are learning well and feeling confident, what they ‘could’ do. This opens up aspirations of excellence for all, and allows call children to learn at the right level for their unique capabilities.

We encourage parental involvement in all areas of the curriculum. Spellings are sent home each week in Year 1 and 2, and  children are also expected to complete a small weekly homework task which supports the current maths learning taking place in school. To provide parents with an insight into their child’s learning we run Welcome Afternoons in September. In these meetings our teachers discuss the topics for the year and explain how key skills are taught. In addition, class newsletters are distributed each term to ensure all parents are aware of daily and weekly routines.

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